Small Business Cash Flow Solutions

Whether the economy is growing or contracting, small business cash flow issues are quite common.  Whether it’s a big order, slow-pay on invoices, rising cost of raw materials, or a myriad of other catalysts.  At ENGS Commercial Capital, we have a variety of products geared toward helping solve small business cash flow dilemmas.

Top Small Business Cash Flow Issues:

Slow-Pay Invoices

Often a gap exists between when an invoice is submitted and when payment is received.  Whether it’s late receivables or simply extended negotiated terms of 60 or 90 days, slow pay can be crippling to small businesses.  We offer invoice financing with back office support to get you the cash you need today, with the service you deserve.

Sudden Growth

Sounds like a great problem to have, right? Generally, yes, but if your business doesn’t have the cash reserves to fund the production of a higher volume of orders, such as buying more raw materials, increasing the workforce, or funding subassembly for part of production, this sudden growth can be a death blow to accounting.  If you find yourself in this camp you have options, including asset-based lending, invoice financing, and help with payroll.

Whether your business was launched in the last 5 years or you’re 3rd-generation owners, ENGS Commercial Capital provides tailored solutions for your small business cash flow challenges.  Pick up a phone and call us or fill out an application today to learn how we can help move your business forward with the right cash flow solutions today.