Traditional Factoring:

Factoring allows a business to accelerate cash flow by selling commercial accounts receivable in exchange a for a small discount. ENGS’ factoring program focuses approvals on your customer’s ability to pay for the invoices generated instead of your business’ credit or financial performance. Companies that factor with ENGS also have the added benefit of expert back office support including credit recommendations, receivables management and more. Our full recourse program provides the greatest flexibility, or, choose our non-recourse option for the added peace of mind that comes with credit protection. Stop waiting 30, 60, or even 90 days to get paid and take control of your cash flow today with ENGS’ Factoring solution.

True Sale Factoring:

The need for liquidity is driving greater demand for off-balance sheet financing solutions. Many large companies with existing senior lender relationships are seeking to unlock working capital in their receivables as a way to improve cash flow without taking on additional debt. True sale factoring offers the benefits of a traditional revolving line of credit but with the flexibility of no financial covenants and the added advantage of non-recourse credit protection. Contact ENGS today to learn about our True Sale Factoring option and the benefits it provides.